All of our product is made locally here in the "WEST" and has that melt-in-your-mouth taste. NOT just anther jerky 702 Premium Beef Jerky is a combination of the finest ingredients, from top cuts of meat with the perfect pairing with the finest of flavors, combined to create that melt-in-your-mouth taste.

So, you might ask yourself why another beef jerky. Well let us tell you why. 702 Premium Beef Jerky is NOT just another jerky company. Our jerky is a culmination of years of jerky loving frustration finally solved!! You see for over two decades our founders have engaged in a chase for the perfect taste. They found many great tasting jerky's across the United States but just not the right texture, or was lacking that perfect flavor combination.

702 Premium Beef Jerky's founders had a epiphany. After discussing exactly what their "PERFECT JERKY" was going to consist of, they came up with some key factors that were non-negotiable. First, the jerky had to literally melt in your mouth. Secondly it had to have that perfect pairing that would make anyones pallet sing. The flavors had to be the finest ingredients, including top quality meats, and most importantly had to be made here in the WEST!!